Vision, Mission and Goals

The objective of Mathematics Undergraduate Program of Brawijaya University is to prepare students such that they have abilities in playing the significant role in their chosen career areas, such as scientists / researchers, academics, programmer, data scientist, staff in private and public institutions in the industrial fields, insurance, finance, e-commerce, and banking. The graduates are also prepared for continuing studies at a further level to develop knowledge and academic status. Therefore, the curriculum of Mathematics Undergraduate Program is designed so that within 3-5 years after completing their studies, the graduates achieves the following objectives.

1) Successfully develop themselves according to their chosen profession by applying the mathematical concepts and methods in their work.
2) Active in various activities that support career development, or are completing or have completed their graduate studies in mathematics or other relevant fields.
3) Able to work together in teams and take the leadership initiatives in the work organizations.
4) Have high responsibility and uphold professional ethics.
Those objectives refer to the vision and the mission of the Undergraduate Mathematics Study Program, as follows.


To become a superior undergraduate mathematics study program that is able to compete nationally in 2025 and internationally in 2035 in the field of applied mathematics through the process of education, research and community service


  1. To produce graduates who capable in developing mathematics appropriately and efficiently and able to adapt to the development of science and technology,
  2. Organizing a learning process which is oriented towards the development and application of Mathematics,
  3. Increasing Mathematical research activities which are valuable scientifically, economically, as well as socially,
  4. Socializing Mathematics through collaboration with other institutions, research publication, and community service activity based on applied mathematics.