Management of Mathematics Department Website

The Undergraduate Mathematics Study Program (PSM), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Brawijaya University (UB) is trying to optimize its website in order to provide excellent information and services to lecturers, students and also the public.

Therefore, the Mathematics Department held a workshop aimed at improving website management. The main agenda of the workshop is to discuss in detail the design to the technicalities of website management.

The workshop which was held at the Boch Meeting Room, Golden Tulip Holland Resort, Batu on November 25th-27th, 2020 was not only attended by the internal team of the Mathematics Department but also the invited professionals.

Drs. M. Muslikh, M.Si. Ph.D as the Team Leader opened the event as well as provided direction on the importance of the workshop. According to him, the website will later become a medium of information which is quite important for internal parties as well as for external parties.

The second day of workshop discussed the details of website design. Andi Setiawan, A.Md., as the professional in charge of designing the website, gave an explanation regarding the basic design of the website to be used. The design of the website was adapted from other university websites which were considered good. In addition, a joint discussion was held about the menu and content to be included.

On the second day, a sample of content that would be included in one of the menus on the website was also presented. Lazuardi Ansori, S.Pi., gave an example of an article reporting activities held by PSM which would later be presented on the website.

The next agenda was to explain how to upload the content as well as practice it directly. This was guided by Riesky Ovta, A.Md., as the website operator.

The last day of the workshop was held with an agenda to review the results of the data and content upload trial guided by Corina Karim, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Several inputs and revisions were discussed in detail and improvements were made, so that later they could run optimally when the Mathematics Department website was launched.***