Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision of Mathematics Department

To become an internationally reputed department in education, research, and community service in the field of mathematics and its application for industrial development and life sciences.

Mission of Mathematics Department

  1. Organizing quality and continuous education in the field of mathematics and its applications.
  2. Carrying out research activities in the field of mathematics and its application that are competitive, innovative, and have a positive impact on educational and scientific development.3
  3. Socializing mathematics and its application through national or international cooperation with industry and education.

Goals of Mathematics Department

  1. Improve the ability to learn mathematics independently.
  2. Improve simple intellectual abilities and critical thinking skills precisely and with certainty.
  3. Fostering communication skills that can support interpersonal skills for further study and community.
  4. Organizing international standard education.
  5. Producing high quality graduates who are able to apply their knowledge optimally, are able to compete and quickly adapt to the world of work.
  6. Producing graduates who are independent and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  7. Producing graduates who are ready to continue their education to a higher level.
  8. Producing graduates who have high morals, reason and character.